Hi, we create some awesome augmented experiences!

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What we do?

Augmented Reality will change the world. Not just with augmented reality in advertising but using augmented reality in design and in the way we interact with our homes, our cities, our friends. Adding graphic information to add value to things we buy and things we love. You will be amazed at what AR can do.

What we support?

We use augmented reality on iphones and with mobiles both on android platforms and iOS and create augmented reality for mobile, kiosk, webcam and AR on tablets/iPads. We think this is the best way - not to be tied down to one platform or one format so we can give you the best solution for your budgets and target markets.

Where we do it?

goAugmented is the only award winning augmented reality development design house in the UK. We develop our augmented reality applications based in Manchester, home of many revolutions, the industrial revolution, the first computer, and now the augmented reality revolution too. So we are proud to be in Manchester and work on nationwide campaigns with agencies here,all over the UK and the rest of the world.